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Combat Sports

Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training

Human Kinetics, 2019

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... and ultimately making it to the final round. In the final, she was going up against a French athlete who was recognized as one of the most powerful and dominant female fighters of recent times. Following a crazy fight, much to everyone’s...

Introduction to Myofascial Release

Ruth Duncan

Ruth Duncan is an instructor, guest lecturer, speaker and writer with extensive training in a variety of approaches. She completed her advanced postgraduate training in 2004 with John F. Barnes, the world's leading authority on myofascial release. She runs her own just north of Glasgow, specialising in the MFR approach in single sessions and intensive treatments. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Myofascial Release : Hands-On Guides for Therapists

Human Kinetics, 2014

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... unclear. However, recent filming of living fascia by Jean-Claude Guimberteau, a French hand surgeon, shows fascia as a dynamic, ever-changing and adapting fluid-filled network present in and around every structure of the human body (see...