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Performance Anxiety, Arousal, and Coping in Sport

Advances in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Human Kinetics, 1992



... of Anxiety and Performance. In Stress and Performance in Sport, edited by J. G. Jones and L. Hardy (Chichester, UK: Wiley, 1990), 81-106. Conscious-Processing Hypothesis An early theoretical explanation of anxiety-induced performance...

Budgeting and Financial Operations of Outdoor Programs

Tim J. Moore


Geoff Harrison

Geoff Harrison, MS, has been working in the field of health and recreation for over 20 years and has been fostering student and staff development at Boise State University since 1998. Geoff serves as the associate director of education and recreation at Boise State University, where he oversees multiple programs and service areas, department partnerships, and initiatives. He also serves as an adjunct faculty member for the department of kinesiology. Prior to his work at Boise State, Geoff worked in the fields of publishing, event promotion, and domestic and international adventure travel. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Outdoor Program Administration : Principles and Practices

Human Kinetics, 2012



...Outdoor program administrators are responsible for using sound fiscal management practices. Because many outdoor programs are nested within larger organizations, it is critical that each program’s administrators ensure that business plans...