Human Kinetics Library Platform - Strength and Conditioning
Human Kinetics Strength and Conditioning

Human Kinetics Strength and Conditioning is an instructor-focused collection of ebooks and videos created by experts across the field of physical training and strength building. With 86 ebooks and 393 supplemental videos, the collection provides fitness instructors, physical trainers, coaches, athletes, and learners with practical instruction to help build and update training programs and fitness courses.

Collection highlights include:

  • Titles published in collaboration with the National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • More than 7 hours of video providing expert guidance on individual exercises and drills, safety guidelines, weight lifting techniques, and a 30-minute high-intensity (HIIT) workout video for lower and upper body
  • Instruction for sport-specific training including swimming, rugby, lacrosse, volleyball, martial arts, football, basketball, and more
  • Strength training instruction for all ages
  • Instructional support for weight training, core conditioning, resistance training, and plyometrics

Ebook topics include:

Anatomy for Conditioning Bodybuilding
Endurance and Stamina Resistance Training
Speed and Agility Sport-Specific Training Programs
Strength Training Instruction Weight Training

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Including key titles from The National Strength and Conditioning Association such as: