Human Kinetics Library Platform - Sports Skills
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Human Kinetics Sports Skills is a practical and instruction-focused collection of ebooks and videos, designed to support students and teaching staff of sport and physical activity. Digitally exclusive on an unlimited access basis, this product’s content is geared around maximizing the training, performance, and enjoyment of 38 different sports and physical activities. 1000s of training and coaching tools are included as part of the ebooks, including drills, rules, diagrams, and game strategies.

Video highlights include a feature-length series on championship basketball strategies, advanced wrestling, a complete guide to pitching, as well as video demonstrating softball, tennis, soccer, and skating techniques.

The collection covers skills, techniques, and tactics from 38 different sports and disciplines, including:

American Football Field Hockey Softball
Archery Ice Hockey Squash
Australian Football Lacrosse Swimming
Baseball Martial Arts Table Tennis
Basketball Pickleball Tennis
Bowling Pool Track and Field
Cricket Rowing Triathlon
Curling Rugby Volleyball
Cycling and Mountain Biking Scuba Diving Water Skiing
Distance Running Skiing and Snowboarding Wrestling
Fencing Soccer

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