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A dynamic collection of leading dance material.

Featuring more than 500 videos and 800 audio clips alongside ebooks and images, Human Kinetics Dance Technique is a dynamic collection that presents instruction-focused material and fills in the gaps of dance in digital learning. Recently updated with newly published ebooks and video clips, the carefully curated content supports students developing their dance technique and provides instructors with valuable tools that can be implemented within their curriculum.

A new product within the Human Kinetics Library family that is digitally exclusive on an unlimited access basis, Human Kinetics Dance Technique combines Bloomsbury’s digital excellence with Human Kinetics’ market-leading dance content.

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Based around Human Kinetics' Interactive Dance Series, these ebook titles and accompanying multimedia introduce students to the basics of hip-hop, ballet, jazz, modern dance, musical theatre, tap, choreography and more. Explore dynamic images and short clips demonstrating key dance steps, as well as audio glossaries of specialist terms.
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This broad-reaching collection provides access to more than 26 additional eBooks from Human Kinetics’ market leading list, accompanied by more than 41 videos and 82 audio clips that offer an engaging and immersive learning experience for dance students of all levels. From creative training and lesson ideas to guidelines for dance safety and wellness, this rich content supports instructors with key teaching resources that can help all dancers continue developing their technique. Click here to browse the full list of titles.