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Human Kinetics Physical and Health Education is a powerful, instruction-focused collection of 52 ebooks and 127 videos, presented via Bloomsbury Digital Resources’ award-winning platform technology. Exclusive on an unlimited access basis, this digital product offers students, researchers and instructors unrivalled access to Human Kinetics’ physical education and health education content. Covering topics such as designing fitness education courses, the administration of physical education, and performance-based assessment, this collection supports students new to the field, as well as instructors building their courses.

Designed to support students in this highly applied and practical discipline, Human Kinetics Physical and Health Education covers a range of topics at launch:

Cognition and motor activities Physical fitness tests and physical education assessment
Encouraging healthy lifestyles in schools Play and physical education
Inclusive physical education Teaching stress management
Physical education teaching skills Teaching health and fitness to children and adolescents
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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New for 2024: The Human Kinetics Library Physical and Health Education collection has been updated with 3 new titles for 2024, covering topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, and learning design.