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Human Kinetics Health Care in Sport and Exercise is a comprehensive digital collection of 33 ebooks and over 450 videos (approximately 11 hours). Digitally exclusive on an unlimited access basis, this product offers students, researchers and instructors unrivalled access to Human Kinetics’ market-leading physical therapy, athletic training, and sport-related health care content.

Designed to support students in this applied discipline with multiple tables, diagrams, graphs and data sets, Human Kinetics Health Care in Sport and Exercise covers a range of topics at launch through its ebook content:

Athlete medical conditions and injuries Rehabilitation
Emergency care Sports massage
Musculoskeletal injuries Stretching
Pharmacology Taping, bracing and casting
Psychology of sport injuries Therapeutic exercise

The 11 hours of video content includes coverage of the following:

Acquatic exercises Positional Release Therapy Strap taping
Gait analysis Running mechanics Stretching
Joint mobilization Sports and therapeutic massage Therapeutic exercises

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