Topic In Focus: Teaching Fitness

Kick off the back to school season with this carefully curated selection of Human Kinetics’ market-leading eBooks on fitness education. From the foundations of fitness education to the complexities of performance-based assessment, this rich collection supports physical education teachers, coaches, and researchers seeking to deepen their knowledge and expertise.

Foundations of Fitness Education

Fitness education is a crucial component of helping students understand the boundless benefits of lifelong physical activity. Designing and Teaching Fitness Education Courses offers secondary-level physical educators innovative ideas, practical answers, and guidance in implementing fitness education programming to meet the needs of all students. Enhanced by over 200 instructional photos and 139 video demonstrations of all the book’s exercises and stretches, this text comprehensively provides the tools for teachers to offer appropriate fitness, health, and wellness education. Click here to read this chapter on core Fitness Components and Training Principles.

Core Teaching Practices for Health Education

Core Teaching Practices for Health Education is a compact and precise book that serves up effective core teaching practices for preservice and practicing health educators, as well as for health teacher educators. This work offers cutting-edge teaching skills that are specific to health education, practices that are highly transferable across the spectrum of fitness education, and detailed explanations of fifteen core practices and case studies. Click here to read a chapter on Teaching Health Content.

Assessing Fitness in Middle and High School

Class size, skill levels, and time factors can make assessments difficult when teaching fitness. However, Performance-Based Assessment for Middle and High School Physical Education shows that it is far from impossible. As a groundbreaking text explaining the theory behind assessment in fitness education, as well as the application of that theory in practice, this work provides teachers with the tools to appropriately structure performance-based assessments and acquire effective teaching strategies for standards-based instruction. Click here to read this chapter on Developing Culminating and Progressive Assessments.

Physical Fitness in Schools

Monitoring children’s physical fitness in schools is commonplace in secondary schools and is even mandatory in some countries. However, its purpose, value and place in the curriculum remain topics of much debate. In Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools, authors Jo Harris and Lorraine Cale examine controversial issues associated with fitness testing in schools, as well as presenting recommendations and practical ideas to help instructors make informed decisions about fitness monitoring and employ effective and appropriate monitoring practices. Click here to read this chapter on Monitoring Physical Fitness in Schools.

Sport in Focus: American Football

From game preparation to technical skills, this specially-selected collection of titles on American Football provides players of all levels with the tools to elevate their game. Explore the chapters below and discover insights and advice from expert coaches, players, and sport scientists.

Game Preparation

Preparing for game day mentally is just as important as preparing for it physically; you must have a plan. Jay Norvell’s chapter from Complete Wide Receiver delves into the importance of game preparation and how investing time in film preparation and opponent analysis puts you a yard ahead on game day. Breaking down this process into concise and practical steps, this chapter serves as a key foundation for those looking to up their game. Click here to read Norvell’s chapter on Game Preparation.

The Elements of Success

Success can be measured in many ways. No matter how you measure it, either as a coach or as a player, the fact remains that as long as a score continues to be kept, winning will remain a vital part of success on the football field. In his chapter from Winning Football, Bill Ramseyer explores the different facets of what enables a team to compete consistently at the highest level; from a strong work ethic and mental toughness to communication and accountability. Click here to read Ramseyer’s chapter on The Elements of Success.

Techniques of Football Kicking and Punting

In Football Kicking and Punting, former NFL player Ray Guy and veteran kicking coach Rick Sang join forces to provide aspiring kickers and punters with expert instruction. From the fundamentals to advanced strategies, this text provides detailed technique instructions on field goals, extra points, and special plays through 46 proven drills, maximising practice time and ensuring improvement. Football Kicking and Punting also includes specialized warm-ups and conditioning programs, as well as game strategy preparation to enhance your game. Click here to read this chapter on Punting Fundamentals.

Interval Training and Performance Demands

The popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which consists primarily of repeated bursts of high-intensity exercise, continues to soar because of its effectiveness and efficiency. In a chapter from Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training, Paul Larsen and Martin Buchheit turn their attention to how this training practice can be used to maximise performance in American Football. Offering a breakdown of the targets of physical performance in the sport for all field positions, as well as strategies for structuring a specially-tailored American Football training program using HIIT, this text provides a scientifically-proven and invaluable approach to training for the sport. Click here to read this chapter on the benefits of HIIT in American Football training.