New Collection in Focus: Developing Dance Practice

The first update to Human Kinetics Dance Technique provides access to 21 additional titles from Human Kinetics’ market leading list and accompanying video and audio content that supports students developing their dance technique, and also provides instructors with valuable teaching tools that can be implemented within their curriculum.

Book cover image for Careers in Dance by Ali Duffy

Support for Teachers and Instructors

The new update collection for Human Kinetics Dance Technique includes a wealth of material designed to support teachers and instructors of dance. Lesson Plans for Creative Dance by Sally Carline offers 28 age-appropriate dances based on Laban movement concepts that help to both teach and assess students, and provides a progression of learning that creates a rich, extended experience for students. Anne Green Gilbert’s Brain-Compatible Dance Education, Second Edition strikes the perfect balance between hard science and practicality, making it an ideal resource for dance educators working with dancers of all ages and abilities, while Careers in Dance spotlights entrepreneurship and leadership opportunities for dancers, delving into an array of options and offering much-needed advice.

Book cover image for Conditioning for Dance by Eric Franklin

Instructional Videos

The content collection will be accompanied by 37 fully cross-searchable videos which provide an innovative multimedia experience for users. Eric Franklin’s Conditioning for Dance, Second Edition features portable whole-body workouts that use elastic bands to increase strength and aerobic conditioning for dance, and a personal conditioning program you can use to monitor your conditioning development to support your performance, while the instructional videos accompanying Brian-Compatible Dance Education provide great teaching aids that show you real-world examples of dance movements. Anne Green Gilbert's Creative Dance for All Ages provides videos that demonstrate the lesson plans and teaching strategies and how to put them to work in the classroom. Click here to see an example of her instructional techniques in action.

Book cover image for Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance by Eric Franklin

Audio Clips for Teaching and Research

In addition to supporting videos, the Human Kinetics Dance Technique collection also offers a rich collection of audio clips which enable a dynamic learning experience, and provide dance instructors with invaluable teaching tools to engage and inspire students. Nola Holland’s Music Fundamentals for Dance includes extended learning activities and support materials that combining music skills with dance and uses music clips to offer ready-made examples of dance choreography which students can use in applying concepts from the book. Eric Franklin’s updated Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery expands on the classic text and offers audio files for dynamic imagery exercises which enable users to discover their natural flexibility and quickly increase their power to move. Click here to listen to a sample of these exercises.

Book cover image for Public Scholarship in Dance by Lynnette Young Overby

Practical Support and Wellbeing for Dance Professionals

From writing about dance as part of course assignment, to promoting wellbeing and supporting professional careers in dance, the new Human Kinetics Dance Technique collection includes practical material to support students, educators and instructors alike. Safe Dance Practice takes a multidisciplinary approach to the components of dancing safely, integrating principles without compromising dancers’ artistic creativity and expression, while Dancer Wellness provides theoretical concepts, practical information and applications that dancers can use to enhance their health and wellness. Alternatively, if you are a dance educator or student seeking to engage in public scholarship in dance and want to ensure your work receives the attention it deserves, Public Scholarship in Dance is the resource for you.

Book cover image for Attention and Focus in Dance by Clare Guss-West

Practical Dance Technique

Diana Green’s Choreography From Within and Justine Diane Reeve’s Dance Improvisations allows students to learn, explore, and create based on their own unique styles while also providing expert instruction for educators in planning, teaching, and assessing students’ routines. Attention and Focus in Dance takes a more mindful approach to dance, helping dancers hone the skills of attention, focus and self-cueing to replenish energy and enhance their physical and artistic performance, while Breathing for Peak Performance outlines the anatomy of breathing, and how to improve your breathing function to benefit health and improve performance.

Topic in Focus: Careers and Professional Development

This Topic in Focus brings together a carefully curated selection of exclusive instructional material from across the Human Kinetics Library platform on the topic of Careers and Professional Development in sport. From careers in dance and resource management, to career transition after a sporting career, this rich collection is your gateway into this important subject.

Careers in Dance

Never before has a greater variety of careers been available in dance - and never before has such comprehensive, expert guidance on those burgeoning careers been accessible in one book. Ali Duffy’s Careers in Dance: Practical and Strategic Guidance From the Field (2020) is a master guide that will help students navigate the expanding opportunities in dance and familiarize current professionals with potential career choices that best align with their pursuits and strengths. This highly practical text offers a wealth of information on career options in a variety of settings and with a variety of focuses, including commercial ventures, scholarly pursuits, administrative avenues, medical and scientific settings, and interdisciplinary opportunities. Click here to read the Introduction to this volume.

Mentorships for Coaches

Coaches take on various roles; that is, their responsibilities are dependent on the type of setting they are coaching within and their own level of development. Yet coaching titles are at times not reflective of the coach’s experience or level of knowledge, and therefore may not fully describe a coach’s ability to produce effective coaching practices. In this chapter from Coach Education Essentials (2020), Clayton R. Kuklick and Brian T. Gearity provide a framework, informed by existing research on knowledge development, that helps identify gaps or weaknesses in coaches’ knowledge. This framework organizes professional, interpersonal, and intrapersonal knowledge and connects what coaches are capable of based on the knowledge they possess in each stage of their development.

Career Transition

In the past two decades, interest in the career transitions of athletes has gained momentum. The evolution of research in this field has helped us understand that athletic careers are not discrete occurrences composed of participation, termination, and retirement but rather a sequence of stages that present idiosyncratic challenges. Each athlete has different ways of coping with these demands. This chapter from Assessment in Applied Sport Psychology (2018) provides information, insights, and practical assessment tools to help you guide transitioning athletes in a way that is positive, constructive, and life affirming during a time that is often experienced as negative, unpredictable, and stressful.

Human Resources in Sport and Recreation

Human resources differ considerably from material resources, and it is not surprising that the field of study known as human resource management (HRM) has gained increasing significance. Textbooks and scholarly journals in this field have been and continue to be published, and almost every school of business administration addresses it in at least one specialized course. Now in its third edition, Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation (2017) provides current and future practitioners with a solid foundation in research and application of human resource management in the sport and recreation industries. Click here to read the Introduction to this volume.

Survive and Thrive as a Physical Educator

A key title from the Human Kinetics Physical and Health Education collection, Survive and Thrive as a Physical Educator: Strategies for the First Year and Beyond (2013) will help you face the unique challenges of teaching and support your development as a physical educator. Practical and reader friendly, Survive and Thrive as a Physical Educator is filled with the most current information plus examples based on the author's experiences as both a K-12 teacher and a college instructor who prepares future teachers. You'll also find a wealth of information on handling day-to-day issues, such as adapting to the work environment, understanding the school culture, communicating with parents, and behavior management. Click here to read the Introduction to this volume.